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Success Case

How We Smile achieved a 517% increase in its lead base

Marketing methods and strategies must be present in the planning of any company that wants to grow in the market. Therefore, regardless of the segment, having an in-house or outsourced marketing team is essential.

In this way, we can see that nowadays there are many companies offering services and products in the same area, so standing out is essential. Therefore, having this difference ends up being fundamental.

Eventually, we recommend planning strategies for Digital marketing according to what your business needs. In other words, understand your market in the best way possible.

As a result, We Smile got in touch with us, thinking about what could be done to improve their digital performance, and thus attract more customers and increase sales.

However, when analyzing the scenario, we realized that it wasn't just about promoting the brand, we would have to think about different strategies.

Examination of problems and actions for We Smile

When we started to examine the problem, it became clear that the main thing was to inform and publicize the invisible aligner to the public. Therefore, it was necessary to present the product, how it works, what the treatment is like and when it is indicated.

Thus, the aim would be to explain about it, in a way to reduce prejudice about its value. And with that, we created an Inbound Marketing project implementing RD Station.

Initially, we thought about creating two projects using rich materials, and thus promoting them organically on blogs and social networks. However, we understand that it would be necessary to promote it through advertisements, through channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

These two are our main lead conversion points, where we create a relationship with them, and then nurture them with content.

The materials were:

  • Online Test: was created with the aim of answering the question “can I use the aligner?”. To do this, the user needs to register an email to receive the result, after answering questions about the status of their smile.
  • Infographic: here, a free downloadable infographic is available, providing information on the differences between the aligner and conventional orthodontic appliances.

However, we also create:

  • O Blog: where they post publications monthly, and they are based on what the public searches, informing about the subject.
  • A série “We Smile Responds”: this is where dentists and specialists record videos presenting the product, answering questions regarding the topic.

In addition, we also restructured the site's content, focusing on SEO optimization, with the aim of achieving better organic rankings in search engines.


As we could see, there was an exponential increase in conversions and also opportunities. Knowing this, we suggest that We Smile organize and implement a sales process in your business.

Therefore, in order to assist the company's sales team, we implemented the CRM do RD Station and then we did training for the entire team.

Eventually, the entire management team was able to follow the sales process. With this, monitoring enabled managers to evaluate opportunities, thus seeing how much each one of them represents in commercial values.

Still, the team was able to see which of these opportunities were turning into sales, and which were their source campaigns.

We Smile Results

Presenting the product and all the necessary information to the consumer clearly and completely was the main focus.

With these strategies being applied over time, it was possible to make a comparison of 6 months and their results as well. Eventually, there was an increase in unique visitors to the website by 349%, and the lead base also grew by 517%.

In this way, the number of organic hits on the website increased by 505%, and this showed that our strategies were efficient.

Therefore, when analyzing these numbers and results, we were able to realize and affirm that our strategies worked. In addition to having achieved our objective, we were able to add even more things. Remembering that the period was, in a way, short, between the months of May and October.

Thinking about that…

If you are interested in our methods, our campaigns and want to know more, be sure to get in touch with us. The transformation of your company is just a few clicks away!

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