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Success Case

How the Cambury Building sold all its apartments ahead of schedule, during the pandemic

During the pandemic, many people experienced difficulties and, overnight, it became very difficult to sell properties.

We started working with the Cambury Building in mid-2019. When they contacted us, they were thinking about investing in traditional advertising media such as: pamphlets, banners and billboards. From there, we present a strategic plan to work in digital media, focusing on obtaining more results, spending as little as possible.

This case would already be a challenge for us, due to the fact that the construction company does not have much tradition in the building sector. Even more so, when the pandemic began in early 2020.

Strategies used

Firstly, we focus on reaching the bottom of the funnel. In other words, already qualified people who are looking for an apartment in Indaiatuba.

With this, we used sponsored ads on Google and Facebook, so that we could reach these potential buyers.

Even so, we would still have to reach the middle of the funnel. And to do this, we focused on selling the benefits that the Cambury Building could offer.

Method worked

Today, Indaiatuba is one of the best cities to live in Brazil. It is located in the interior of São Paulo, 80 km from the capital, and in addition, it has the advantage of being 15 minutes from Viracopos airport.

The city is developing more and more, with total security and well-being. With this in mind, in all our advertisements and posts, we highlight the good location of the building.

The construction site is not only in a great city, but also in an excellent neighborhood. Jardim Pau Preto is one of the most traditional places in the city, close to the Ecological Park, schools, the center, banks, and all other necessary daily conveniences.

In other words, for those looking for convenience and practicality, it is the perfect place.


Based on our work and good location, we were able to sell apartments even to buyers from outside the country, who didn't even know the city. Many buyers from São Paulo, the capital, and what surprised us most: longtime residents of the neighborhood.

Former couples who lived in large houses ended up preferring apartments due to space, greater security and the benefits that a condominium provides, such as: gym, swimming pool, party room, among others.


In addition to the pandemic, another difficulty was selling the apartment off-plan. Beatz carried out training with the entire apartment sales team, to align strategies.

With this, we were able to retain potential buyers for longer, through approach methods and appointments.

Presence in the digital environment

Our main focus was working using digital tools. We use a lot of ads on Google and Facebook. On Face, specifically, we created a form where the interested party filled in their details and, automatically, this information was directed to the brokers.

We feed Instagram and Facebook with weekly posts about the progress of the works, drone videos to make it easier to see, and always posting news. Every six months, we change the color palette of the posts. With this biannual change, we are able to hold the attention of customers and users for longer, preventing posts from going unnoticed.

In addition, we placed a shortcut on the Cambury Building website, where interested parties clicked on the WhatsApp logo and were forwarded to a broker. In this way, we collaborate a lot with the work of the sales team.

Another fundamental tool in the process was the dark post. In other words, the ads only appeared to users and were not displayed on the building's timeline. This way, we prevent competitors from taking our leads.

Another technique that generated positive results was sending emails. We sent promotions that could complete the sale to our list of leads. Therefore, every two months on average, we sent an email.


The goal for the total sale of the apartments was September 2021, but, with all the work carried out by Beatz, they were completed in April of that year.

In this way, the construction company saved 50% of what it would have spent on funds during this period.

We are very happy to help another partner. So, come and become a success story with Beatz Digital!

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