We operate in the areas of Consulting in Branding, Marketing and Sales, Web Development, Ecommerce and Corporate Education, Strategically Integrating Human Expertise with the Efficiency of Artificial Intelligence

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About Us

Who We Are

We create digital solutions that transform businesses and build tomorrow

We have a unique perspective on innovation at its core. With our method, we constantly transform and evolve, translating digital experiences into business impact.

Our Digital Efficiency value proposition sees us capture and scale the potential of new technologies, such as Generative AI, which is accelerated by strategic partnerships.

Thus, we transform possibilities into tangible value for our clients, achieving real productivity gains and solid results, always guided by our fundamental ideals of collaboration, agility and innovation.


Alone we go fast. Together, further.

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Beatz developed its own marketing methodology, based on the success stories of many companies from the most varied sectors. Trust Marketing is the result of years of testing and validating best marketing practices, which we have proven to be the most powerful for developing companies and transforming businesses.

Pursuing excellence since 2004

Our history

Beatz is the result of the merger between agencies Platz and Alquati. Alquati was born with digital DNA and its activities were predominantly in web development, such as websites and implementation of e-commerce. Platz comes from the world of creative agencies and its main activity was in the creation of full service campaigns. With the increase in demand and need for qualified labor in both companies, the partners, who were already personal friends, decided to play at the same pace. Because there is nothing more personal than business. With this marriage, Beatz was born, with an unbeatable team and an enviable portfolio, the agency has collected awards and achievements with operations in Brazil and abroad.


Offer the best consultancy services and, through our work, help companies and people grow.


We will be among the largest management, marketing and sales consultancies in Brazil.


Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Focus on Customer Success


We exist to deliver the best results for your company to sell more

We use the full potential of Digital Marketing, artificial intelligence and Data driven to bring tangible results. We are always improving and training our team with the best practices and technologies on the market. This way, our customers can have access to the most modern and best solutions, enabling us to always achieve the best results.


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