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Success Case

Branding and Performance Strategies increase TGF Automotive sales by 460%

After all, Branding is responsible for awakening sensations in the public, helping in the process of connecting the customer with the brand.

This means that, when making a purchasing decision, this consumer chooses your product over the competitor's.

Furthermore, Branding serves as a guide that will dictate how the works should be done: the tone of the message, visual identity, company values, jingle, font, etc.

Therefore, all campaign pieces must be aligned with the company's ideals, or the customer may become confused and may not associate the ad with your brand.

In the digital age, where we receive information all the time, standing out becomes crucial, and to know if this distinction is being achieved, we recommend having a good Digital Marketing or Performance Marketing strategy. Therefore, they must be carried out focusing entirely on the results of the campaign, based on data analysis.

TGF Automotive is a client who came to us in 2020 with the need to optimize its performance. The objective was to attract more customers and, consequently, increase sales. However, this was not the only problem they had.

Come with us and see the diagnosis and how we managed to achieve our goals.

The client and their diagnosis

In this case, we present our client TGF Automotive. An e-commerce with more than 7 thousand products, covering parts for trucks, utility vehicles and passenger cars. In other words, they have parts for different vehicles, with different purposes.

However, they were having difficulty making a profit on their sales and were not attracting as many customers to their store. So, using our marketing planning system and Performance Marketing strategies, we began an intensive study of what could be happening.

When analyzing our client's metrics, we realized that using the conversion (sale) strategy in Facebook ads, the conversion numbers and ROI (Return on Investments) were very low.

Regardless of the client's budget for the actions, this means that, even if a product were sold, the return on the investment made in communication could be low or even non-existent.

Therefore, we needed to change the strategy that was being used.

Planning the new strategy

The new strategy would allow the customer to achieve more brand awareness and had a methodology that helped improve metrics. So, we started working on Branding and Performance Marketing combined with paid media.

So, for Facebook and the lead list, Remarketing campaigns were carried out, with pieces that reinforced TGF Automotive's competitive differences, such as: cost-benefit, product availability, etc.). In addition, we also produce pieces that highlight the products in greatest demand and the sales leaders.

By doing this, the brand would gain more visibility within the market and increase its ROI. Because, the Remarketing strategy has a lower cost per click, compared to the conversion strategy.

For Google Ads, we focus on conversions and sales, so we use the shopping tool in the campaign to make the conversion. This way, the ads end up being more effective and are targeted at the middle and bottom of the purchase funnel.

Therefore, for this part of the strategy to work, we structured the shopping mall so that it would do more for less, that is, it would be very efficient with a low cost per click and cost per conversion.

Strategy results

After putting the strategy into action, we analyzed the metrics to be able to measure the results, always paying attention if there was a need to make any changes.

However, the numbers that appeared to us were quite positive, showing that our campaign was a complete success.

In a comparison of the months of August and September 2020, we were able to see a big jump in the company's operations. Totaling an increase of 460% in sales, 433% in orders and 505% in profit, during the campaign period.

With these numbers we can say that we were able to help our client solve their problem, in addition to reaching and exceeding the objective given to us, making this another exceptional case of success.

So if you are interested in transforming your company into a successful case, contact us!

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