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Success Case

See how TGF Automotive increased its sales by 168% without investing 1 extra real

TGF Automotive is an e-commerce that works with automotive products. Today, you can find more than 7 thousand products, including: parts for trucks, utility vehicles and passenger cars. In this variety you will find parts for braking systems, power steering pumps, finishes, cardan components, pulleys, tensioners, steering boxes and much more. 

Beatz Marketing Intelligence is an agency specialized in digital marketing and takes care of this area for TGF, for whom we achieved excellent results after using our strategies, and which we will share with you!

So, keep reading and check it out!

Strategies used

Our focus is digital marketing. But, among its aspects, we focus on:

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a branch of digital marketing, which focuses on attracting, converting and delighting customers. Through these techniques, it goes further and stands out from traditional marketing, which uses billboards, radio, TV, newspapers, etc.

In Inbound we use 4 main pillars:

  • Content Marketing;
  • IF THE;
  • Social media;
  • Paid Traffic.

Inbound offers content to answer people's doubts and solve their pain. Furthermore, a closer relationship with your target audience is also built.

Thus, TGF Automotive was able to achieve:

  • Greater interaction and engagement with consumers;
  • Continuous messages and content;
  • Improved relationships with consumers.

Campaigns on Google Ads

Google Adwords, also known as Google Ads, is the largest sponsored links channel on the Internet. Therefore, if your company is looking for a quick and effective online exposure strategy, Google Ads can undoubtedly be of great help.

Google is the most used search engine in the world. And Google Ads is in a strategic position in search results. Ads are personalized, meaning they are displayed based on the user's search interests.

Therefore, the investment in the platform generated the long-awaited return for TGF. For example:

  • Increase in traffic;
  • Lead generation;
  • Sales.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

O Facebook has over 2 billion users and Instagram has over 1 billion accounts. In this way, Brazil has more visibility on these two social networks and occupies third place in the world ranking.

In other words, your audience could be there! In total, almost 200 million Brazilians are active on social networks. This way, your customers can without a doubt:

  • Watch stories;
  • View feeds;
  • Enjoy the posts;
  • Share and be influenced by millions of content and advertisements.

O Instagram Ads is a tool that can create ads for social network feeds and stories. However, the sponsorship format can vary between photos, videos, carousels and even photo collections.

The term refers to Instagram Advertising, which indicates the chance of advertising in the media. But, the function is not so unknown. This is because it is very similar to Facebook ads and has common functions and efficiency.

Therefore, it is undeniable that among the main objectives of these activities, we can highlight the generation of clicks.

Furthermore, other objectives are:

  • Get more followers;
  • Conversions;
  • Video viewing;
  • Interaction;
  • Direction to the website.

TGF Automotive Results

We analyzed the comparison between two quarters. To facilitate your understanding, we will refer to them as quarter A e quarter B.

Hand Wrapps

Sales are the biggest focus of any business, regardless of its size or branch. They end up being the number one goal of entrepreneurs.

Therefore, when we talk about TGF Automotive's sales number, we had a increase of 168%, comparing quarter A with quarter B.


Orders are essential for sales to be made. So, we can say that one is a consequence of the other.

Therefore, as sales increased, orders also increased. significant increase of 217% when we compare quarter A with quarter B.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is one of the most used metrics in digital marketing industry. It is a good thermometer to measure whether campaign results are working. To calculate it, simply divide the number of conversions by the number of hits.

So, when we compared TGF Automotive's quarter A to quarter B conversion rate, we had a increase of 0,01 points. This number represents a significant increase for the company, as conversion rate points are difficult to achieve.

Net profit

Net profit is the real income of your business. You can calculate it through the difference between total revenue and your total cost. The cost is all your expenses with salaries, bills, production, among others.

Therefore, TGF Automotive's net profit, when we compare quarter A with quarter B, we had a increase of 201%.


However, we can note that the company had a significant increase in all its aspects, obtaining more profit. So, if we continue with our strategies, the tendency is to increase more and more.

And you, do you want to transform your business into a Beatz Digital success story? So, get in Contact with one of our experts and come to our world!

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