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Success Case

Performance Marketing: see how Mix Jeans had an 86% increase in its sales

Performance marketing is a strategy that combines creative, agile and efficient actions, with a focus on results. Using tests and data, all actions are carried out using methods that ensure that the investment in digital media is providing a return for the company. To make the efficiency of this method clear, we will show you a case from one of our clients.

Mix Jeans

Mix Jeans is a pioneering company in the textile sector and has been operating in the sector since 1954. It is a jeans manufacturer, and serves the B2B scenario.

Therefore, after creating strategic planning, modernizing the brand's communication, building a positioning aimed at its target audience, we realized that it was the ideal time to invest in performance marketing.

Efficient and risky strategy

First of all, we talked and decided that the main objective and challenge would be to increase jeans sales for multi-brand stores.

Therefore, we looked for some techniques that could then reach the target audience. We researched and discovered the famous story of an established jeans brand, founded by two brothers, who used a different sales technique.

The technique worked like this: first, one of the brothers went to several multi-brand stores and looked for jeans from his own brand. So, stores that didn't have his brand's jeans noticed that he was in demand for them.

After that, the next day, the other brother went to the same stores offering his product. So, as the store owner had a memory of the brand in his head, because they had already looked for it, he ended up buying it.

Action plan

This strategy certainly generated many positive results. However, for our client in particular, we need something within digital marketing.

So, we digitized this technique and focused on its segmentation. Previously, Mix Jeans distributed all of its investment and digital marketing funds throughout Brazil. They believed they had potential customers across the country.

However, one of the difficulties that were harming the company was that the amount invested did not make much difference to this large reach, bringing an insignificant result. Therefore, we saw the need for change and worked with the budget focused on just a few cities.

So, we used the maximum value of the value in the first 15 days of the strategy, focusing only on the final audience. The focus of our campaign was to show retailers how the brand could add value to their store, generating an increase in sales, as Mix Jeans was in high demand.

Thereby, in just 3 months, we had a 86% increase in sales of the brand, with new customers. A very significant result that proves that investment made in the right place, directed to the right people, can make a big difference to your business.

Performance Marketing and its techniques

There are several methods that can be used in performance marketing to generate good results. For this case, we used:

  • Define objectives;
  • Plan tasks and goals;
  • Segment the campaign;
  • A/B testing;
  • Integrate actions and measure performance;
  • Content marketing techniques.

So, how about making your company a Beatz success story? If you want, get in Contact with one of our experts and learn more about our services.

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