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Success Case

Success Case of an online store in the Pet segment

See how Petzera increased its revenue by 30% from one month to the next

Created at the beginning of 2018, Petzera is an online store designed to offer the best products and ensure that your Pet has comfort, style and a happy life. Thus, the idea for the project came after the adoption of Baden, a puppy that was rescued from the street 5 years ago. The desire to care for and provide him with quality products, always thinking about improving his life experience, resulted in a passion for the pet world and everything that involves this environment.

Baden is also Petzera’s “Senior Product Tester”. Therefore, all canine product reviews on the site are previously subject to its rigorous and exhaustive evaluation process. In this way, the products he analyzes meet requirements that guarantee the quality and efficiency of his products and the team.

Therefore, Petzera works with a very complete range of pet items, seeking to offer a wide variety of models and sizes of beds, clothes, collars, leads and harnesses. They also invest in natural and organic foods and snacks, always thinking about your pet's health and well-being.

What happened to Petzera's marketing strategies?

Every month, we have a revenue target that must be reached, and in the first months of 2021, it was not being achieved. So, we decided to make some changes in strategies to achieve the defined goals.


To achieve the results, the following strategies were used:

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is an aspect of digital marketing, which focuses on attracting, converting and delighting customers. Therefore, it avoids traditional marketing, which makes use of billboards, radio, TV, newspapers, etc.

Inbound has 4 main pillars:

  • Content Marketing;
  • IF THE;
  • Social media;
  • Paid Traffic.

Inbound offers content to answer people's doubts and solve their pain. Furthermore, a closer relationship with your audience is also built. With it, the company will benefit from:

  • Greater interaction and engagement with consumers;
  • Continuous messages and content;
  • Improved relationships with consumers.

In this way, we carry out work focused on these 4 pillars.


Through a series of digital media ads, this strategy attracts leads who are ready to buy. Therefore, for those who need to create a digital marketing strategy in the short term, Performance Ads projects are essential.

For Petzera's performance, we use Google campaigns:

  • Mall;
  • Remarketing;
  • DSA.


Facebook has over 2 billion users and Instagram has over 1 billion accounts. In this way, Brazil has more visibility on both social networks and occupies third place in the world ranking. In other words, your audience could be there! Therefore, in total, almost 200 million Brazilians are active on social networks.

However, on Facebook, we use top, middle and bottom of the funnel campaigns for segmented audiences.

Results by Petzera

Now, let's present the results that Petzera obtained after using these strategies.

Average ticket

The average ticket is the average sales value for a given period. So, to be calculated, simply divide the total revenue by the number of sales. In this case, the determined period of time is 30 days.

So, when we compared the month of February with March, we had a increase of 9%.

Investment in Marketing

Investment in marketing is another important metric for us to analyze. To calculate, we divide the amount invested by the month's revenue.

Comparing February with March, we had a reduction of 7%. Therefore, Petzera ended up having a lower percentage of all its investment in marketing.

Google Conversion Value

As we have already mentioned, one of our strategies is ads on Google. And, for every conversion (sale) there is a value. Then, we calculate this value by dividing the investment by the revenue for the given period.

When we compare February with March, we have a reduction of 29%. So, the cost for the conversion decreased considerably.

Petzera's total revenue

Total revenue, as the name suggests, is the amount collected in the month. However, when comparing the month of February with March, Petzera obtained a increase of 36% in your billing.

However, we can see a very significant increase in sales, and the trend is only going to increase.

Therefore, we can see a very significant growth in sales, and the trend is only going to increase.

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