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Success Case

How Lemasa managed to measure its sales opportunities

In this case, you will see how Lemasa managed to organize itself better, and measure its opportunities in the right way.

In 1989, Lemasa was born, in a rented garage in the city of São Paulo. At first, equipped only with a milling machine and a lathe, manufacturing rotating nozzles for internal cleaning of pipes.

After many years and a lot of work, Lemasa has become the largest manufacturer of high and ultra-high pressure equipment and accessories in Latin America. It supplies the main companies in various sectors, such as petrochemical, naval, automobile, basic sanitation, sugar and alcohol, oil, among others.

In 2014, Lemasa was incorporated into the Italian Comet SPA Group, owner of the HPP brand, which also manufactures high pressure pumps. Today, the company has a modern factory in the city of Indaiatuba-SP, where it manufactures all its products and exports throughout the world.

Difficulties of Lemasa

Lemasa had great difficulty in indicating which leads and sales were resulting from its website. In other words, it was not possible to measure whether the work done on the internet was yielding positive results or not.

Therefore, we thought about the strategy of using a platform that was capable of helping this work, making it simpler and more effective. The tool chosen was RD Station Marketing.

RD Station Marketing

RD Station is the largest digital marketing automation software on the national market. This tool is used to automate inbound marketing operations, the aim of which is to capture strangers and turn them into customers.

As the name suggests, the marketing automation process involves the systematization of activities linked to the marketing plan. For example, your main objectives are:

  • Optimize processes;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Achieve large-scale achievements;
  • Perform personalized actions.

Your advantages

Therefore, if used correctly, marketing automation can solve many problems. Between them:

  • Productivity;
  • Improved team utilization.

These points above are the most important. Because, people have the option of doing only what they need, without wasting time on other tasks.

After using the strategy

After implementing RD Station, the company was able to improve its sales organization. This way, it was possible to identify the leads and opportunities that were being captured through your website. This way, they can now have a better view of their business.

Furthermore, it is possible to notice whether the website content is attracting the public or not, in order to improve it.

It is important to highlight that this measurement was of great value to the company. Well, she didn't believe that the website would give so many sales results.

So, how about doing like Lemasa, and making your company a Beatz success story? Enter in Contact with one of our experts, and learn more about our services.

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