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Success Case

ADDEE – “Speed ​​was the main result.”


A ADDEE, is a Brazilian company that began its actions in 2013, focusing on innovating the entire IT service provision market. Furthermore, contribute to the intellectual, financial and moral growth of all its customers and employees.

The business was born from the precision of an IT service provider and, today, they are distributors of the main and best tools for other IT service providers throughout Brazil.

By sharing its knowledge and distributing several new solutions for IT management, ADDEE works to ensure that the technology market grows sustainably.

With a local structure, the company provides support and service in Portuguese. Thus, it provides all the necessary commercial support for IT service companies.

Furthermore, it has a team of qualified professionals who are passionate about what they do. And they put customer relationships above all else.

Former ADDEE Scenario

Initially, ADDEE had difficulty placing its product on the market with great visibility, as it was very specific and required a certain maturity from the target audience. With this in mind, through an informal and improvised way, publicity work began, trying to share its concepts in order to educate the market.

However, they felt a certain limitation in this marketing work, due to the difficulty in managing all internal demand. Furthermore, they were blocked from putting into practice what they already knew about Digital Marketing, and always being up to date with the new strategies and tools that emerged all the time.

Therefore, they chose to hire Beatz to be responsible for all of their digital marketing.

Strategies Used

To work with the digital marketing industry company, we use the following strategies:

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing includes a set of marketing strategies that link the creation and sharing of certain content for a specific target audience.

Therefore, this action seeks the customer's consent to communicate directly. Thus, a relationship begins.

In short, Inbound Marketing is marketing in which the public reaches your business through your content. This makes it easier to present your services and make them customers.

Therefore, various contents were created, such as blog texts, e-books and videos, to attract leads to the company.

Ads on Google

Google Ads is Google's advertising platform. Through it, you can advertise your service for a set fee on the largest search channel on the Internet.

When we talk about Google, we are associated with innovation, knowledge and technology, and this actually happens. Therefore, through Google Ads, effective results can be obtained in a practical and quick way.

Therefore, by positioning ads accurately and intelligently, Google Ads allows the company to have a great ROI (return on investment) and achieve good results.

As a result, the investment in the platform generated the expected return for ADDEE, such as:

  • Increase in traffic;
  • Lead generation;
  • Sales.

Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Ads on Facebook and Instagram are important means of online marketing and advertising. Therefore, it is possible to create campaigns and advertisements for your products and businesses.

Facebook has more than 2 billion users and Instagram has more than 1 billion accounts. In this way, Brazil offers more visibility on these two social networks and occupies third place in the world ranking.

So, just like Google, Facebook and Instagram, we also work with ads to achieve the company’s desired goals.

Current ADDEE Scenario

Together with Beatz, ADDEE gained great ease in its work. The company used the expertise of the agency's professionals who are fully trained with the new changes related to digital marketing.

Thus, the company no longer needs to stop its work to worry about studying and gaining knowledge about this. In this way, practicality in optimizing and organizing ads and content was one of the main results obtained.

Speed ​​was another important point. Now, with Beatz taking care of everything, your marketing is done in the best way possible, bringing significant results without worry. This way, company employees can focus entirely on their work.

Another point to mention: the economy. As the agency is responsible for everything, ADDEE does not need to expand its marketing team by hiring new employees or spending on training for its current employees.

A little about Beatz

Beatz uses the full potential of Digital Marketing to bring real results. We are always improving and training our team with the best practices and technologies on the market. This way, our customers can have access to the best and most modern solutions, allowing them to always achieve the best results.

So, how about changing your business and turning it into a successful story? Enter in Contact Contact one of our experts right now, and come elevate your company!

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