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Success Case

How RK Componentes Industriais increased its conversions by 9x

However, the company's focus was on self-lubricating bearings and plain bushings.

In this way, the products sold by the company have a longer useful life compared to the competition, acting as a differentiator, avoiding greater changes and pauses in production.

Furthermore, the line of insulation does not contain asbestos in its composition, making it more friendly to health and the environment. With products resistant to temperature and mechanics, and even offering energy savings.

With that, RK contacted us with a challenge.

The challenge

The company came to us with the following mission: we needed to create more sales opportunities. However, getting leads that are qualified, while reducing the total budget spent, is a complex task.

The objective was to reduce spending on Google Ads, which averaged R$2.800,00 to R$4.000,00 monthly. Furthermore, few leads were being generated, around three, and without qualifications.

The contract began in February of this year, in the pre-pandemic period, when the issue was not so recurrent yet. However, with planning, presentation and approval, we took over Ads at the end of April, at a time when everything was stopping.

Decisions and actions

With this in mind, we created a project to Inbound Marketing, and then we implement the RD Station in two main lines, D-Glide and Isol. Because, after some analysis, we realized that these two are the products with the highest return for the company.

Two rich materials were planned for the beginning of the project, namely: a catalog of the Isol and D-Glide lines, but today, we have materials ready for all lines. These materials are published organically on the Blog and LinkedIn, as well as in advertisements on Google Ads.

Soon after a quick consultation with us, RK began active prospecting on LinkedIn, obtaining emails. With this, it was possible to send a presentation about the lines and offering complementary content. As a result, we generate new opportunities and even sales.

During the process, all website content was restructured, paying attention to optimizing the SEO, and consequently achieve better organic rankings on search engines.

However, the planning focused mainly on bottom-of-the-funnel ads. In other words, targeted at qualified lead budgets. So, between April and May, the budget was maintained at a maximum of R$3.500,00 per month.

This way, we began to optimize existing campaigns, while creating new ones. Over time, we increased the number of qualified leads, while reducing the budget to an average of R$1.500,00 monthly.

And the results?

Following our planning and actions, the results came efficiently. We can compare the numbers according to the months, while Google Ads was not in use yet:

  • January: R$ 2.300,00 – 3 conversions;
  • February: R$ 3.700,00 – 2 conversions;
  • March: R$ 4.200,00 – 5 conversions;
  • April: R$ 3.000,00 – 2 conversions.

And then, after our plan:

  • May: R$ 3.270,00 – 14 conversions;
  • June: R$ 3.250,00 – 14 conversions;
  • July: R$ 2.150,00 – 26 conversions;
  • August: R$ 1.740,00 – 21 conversions;
  • September: R$ 1.850,00 – 16 conversions;
  • October: R$ 1.410,00 – 29 conversions;
  • November: R$ 1.340,00 – 22 conversions.

In this way, we achieve our goals efficiently, bringing satisfaction and sales growth to our customers.

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