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Success Case

35% conversion through an email in just one day. See how Riccel achieved this!

Would you read an email about concentrated, high-performance cleaning products? We bet that the answer to this question, in most cases from customers and people who follow Beatz content, would be “no”. But, Riccel achieved great results through a single email.

This involves something we know how to do very well here at Beatz, segmentation. Delivering the right content, to the right person, at the right time, involves very complex steps that we learn over time and improve with our experiences.

Do you want to know how we gained more than 20 qualified leads for Riccel in just one day and one email? That's what we're going to reveal to you today!

Quick results require well-structured strategies

There's no point fighting for quick results, good positioning for your company in the SERPs and high conversion rates if you don't have a well-defined strategy. To begin with, this is how we achieve the best results.

Everything is part of a process and this means we understand every step of our leads. Mainly how to serve them efficiently.

Riccel, for example, is a professional cleaning products company that has been standing out in the market and among its competitors. However, this is only possible because our team of experts understood who Riccel should be talking to and developed a way to carry out this communication and make it useful for our client's objectives.

So we started with that question: you probably wouldn't be interested in an email about cleaning products. However, we identified more than 50 people who were specifically interested in Riccel's content and took the opportunity to generate engaged leads for the brand.

Let's go straight to the numbers

In this specific email, we aimed to publicize a rich new material that Riccel had provided to its customers. To do this, we identify the lead base with the greatest potential of interest and develop a text that suits your routine and needs.

In other words, because they were busy professionals, we had to win them over in a short period of time and generate interest. That's why we put our writing techniques into practice and generated around 103 clicks on the first day of shipping.

From these clicks, we generate 70 visits to the destination LP, with a conversion of around 35%. In one day, with one email, we got 25 people to show interest and be marked as prospects.

You may think that these are not high numbers, but consider the market to be extremely segmented and a zero investment. That's right, This was all achieved organically.

You may have heard of Riccel Here, after all, it is one of the main organic success stories here at Beatz. In the same period as this email, for example, more than 8.000 visits were generated on its website, just with the content published on the blog, social networks and email marketing, that is, without any type of investment in paid media.

Furthermore, we generated almost 30 conversions and 8 opportunities ready to buy our client's products, reinforcing: all this without any type of investment.

Indeed, for a highly segmented market, these are surprising results, but not impossible. I mean… not if you have the right help.

Count on Beatz, as well as Riccel

Therefore, Beatz is ready to deliver the results you expect, through unique strategies designed for the specifics of your business.

We work with a unique methodology, developed by our professionals who, through years of work, have understood what is really necessary to make your company stand out in the market in which it operates.

Since then, we have had the pleasure of working with clients who are growing more and more every day, thanks to the strategic analysis and efficient action of our specialists.

So, do you want to be part of Beatz's team of champions? Just one click to get results you didn't even imagine were possible. We are waiting for you!

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