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Success Case

See how boaonda's e-commerce achieved a CPA of just R$4,73

Currently, what is the amount you invest for each sale made by your company? This is a metric that stands out in the eyes of any manager or marketing professional. In fact, it was something that boaonda, a footwear e-commerce company, sought to reduce by hiring Beatz.

Do you want to know what strategy we used for them to achieve their goals with this investment value per sale, which you saw in the title? So, continue reading and see all the details we brought to this newest Beatz success story!

Meet the hype before Beatz

Boaonda is a footwear company that stands out in the market, thanks to its positioning. With the aim of becoming a reference, providing a greater quality of life and even a lifestyle The company itself has an extensive line of products that serve a diverse audience.

With this in mind, when looking for Beatz, Boaonda wanted to reach even more people through the internet, a market in which it has been present since its inception.

Thus, arriving with a challenge that we could not refuse. To achieve this, we have established the best paid media strategies, as well as our own methodology to deliver the best results at a cost they have never seen before.

Optimized investment, high number of sales, extremely qualified leads and an even more loyal audience. Want to know how we achieved this for the good? Check out the details of our paid media strategy below.

More results and less expenses

If there's one thing that shines in our client's eyes, it's our goals achieved spreadsheet. The boom is enjoying a consecutive sequence of months with increasingly better results. But, let's start from the beginning.

Our journey together began in August 2022 and, since then, results were achieved that they never imagined they would have in such a short period of time. Like every account, we started by understanding the audience and what could be done to reach them.

This process took 4 months, and it may seem like a long time, but it was time in which we dedicated ourselves to identifying demands, defining objectives and determining optimizations for the strategy. It was then that we were surprised with conversions that were only costing our client R$9,13. All this, in the same year that we were called to revolutionize boaonda's marketing strategies.

Since then, we have continued to see drops in this value, month after month. In the last analysis, we reached the amount of just R$4,73 for each conversion into boaonda sales. Our expectations for the beginning of this project were investments close to R$45,00 for each sale.

But then, what made us surpass the stipulated goal so much?

How did Beatz deliver such incredible results?

The methodology used by our professionals involves some essential steps. Among them are: analysis of improvements and constant optimization of campaigns. That's what provided the boaonda with the best results.

This way, we were able to identify opportunities in dynamic ad groups, high-cost keywords that could be removed, and new terms. Additionally, we spend time analyzing performance across demographic and geographic data.

This establishes parameters for redistributing funds between the best optimized campaigns. Thus, taking advantage of the results we generate.

What is boaonda's response?

Boaonda couldn't be happier with these results. We came from a sequence of good numbers and this made the company trust our work even more. We accept the challenge of delivering even better metrics and extending this successful partnership. With the trust of boaonda and the professionals at Beatz, we understand that it is possible to reach places that, for many, are unreachable.

But, this is a success story to prove to you that it is possible to have all the results your company needs. How about talking to our team and checking out what we have prepared to help you with this mission?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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