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Success Case

What if your company increased the number of conversions by more than 130%? We can show you how we achieved this for BFilters

BFilters demonstrated the results of our strategies in practice and achieved exponential conversion numbers in campaigns that were already live. That's right, just with our improvements they increased the number of leads generated from ads that had already been published by 130%.

So, today, you will understand the peculiarities and understand what was done to make these results so impressive. So, continue following the article and check out all the details.

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What is BFilters?

BFilters is a company that has established processes in the water filtration and treatment market. Thus, our differentials are quality service and agile delivery of goods.

Located in the interior of São Paulo, BFilters' main challenge was the difficulty of gaining space on the internet. Therefore, a thorough analysis of the procedures they already applied was necessary, in order to identify improvements and possible changes.

In addition, we established a complete marketing strategy to enhance results and further increase the company's online potential. See how this was applied and what results were generated. Check it out below!

How did the strategy start?

BFilters came to us with a search campaign, on the Google Ads platform, which generated around 0,93% of conversation, thus establishing a cost of R$500,00 per promoted sales opportunity.

The strategy was to use Google as a source of traffic for the company's e-commerce. However, the customer still had to deal with purchasing seasonality and inexperience with the platform. It was then that they sought Beatz's help and saw their results improve in just two months of planning.

What is Beatz's strategy to increase BFilters' results?

In general, when they come to us, we establish a complete plan, made from scratch for our clients. BFilters, as it already had a marketing strategy in place, preferred to maintain it and just improve them, but that doesn't mean that our work was any easier.

After all, based on the request, we carefully observed all the points of the campaign initially created and, thus, determined the possibilities based on what had already been done. In this way, proposing improvements and establishing new strategies that complement each other.

Just like our client, we had to face purchasing seasonality in some periods, as well as some keywords that could be mixed with the search for other products, which are not sold by BFilters.

Therefore, attention had to be redoubled, especially when dealing with these terms. Therefore, when implementing the new strategy, we focused on monitoring the campaign and proposed ways to optimize them separately, enhancing their results.

BFilters was able to deliver around 15 leads per month, an increase of 325%, exceeding the initial forecast of 3 leads per month, which was already 2 more than they achieved monthly.

And here we come to the most interesting part of this article. Perhaps, the one you were most looking forward to seeing, regarding the results of BFilters' new strategy.

Results of Beatz's strategy for BFilters

As we had mentioned previously, at the beginning of this project, the client alone generated an average conversion of 0,93%, costing BFilters an investment of R$500,00 per lead.

In just two months of planning, we have already achieved satisfactory results. Establishing a parameter of drop in the amounts invested for each lead generated that only increased with our strategies.

Therefore, today we have a campaign that generates 99% more leads at a cost 76% lower than when the client managed it on their own. Which means an average of 15 leads per month for just R$100,00 per lead, even with seasonality periods and keyword specificities.

blue graph indicating growth

Can Beatz help your company?

As you can see, Beatz adapted to an already established parameter of a campaign that had been implemented by our client. In this way, solving problems with conflict of interests between users who could use the keywords for other matters. As well, we have overcome periods of seasonality.

Therefore, the answer to the question in the title of this topic is certainly “yes”. We study in depth the companies that count on our support and, in this way, we establish the best strategies. All this, based on a broad market view that helps us deliver these results.

Do you want to prove this in practice? Let's talk about the future of your company and discover the ideal path to improve your results and win even more customers!

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