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Success Case

MSP Summit: 2 weeks before the event, all tickets were already sold out

Proposing a goal is not an easy task, especially when it is related to the amount of sales a company has. Selling a product, service or tickets to an event requires accurate strategies designed for the uniqueness of each institution.

And it was precisely for this reason that ADDEE chose Beatz to accomplish this feat. Always working with focus and exclusivity with our clients, we seek the best ways to achieve the goal, that is, to make the MSP Summit a successful event. So, check out what happened with ticket sales at the MSP Summit 2023.


ADDEE is a Brazilian company founded in 2013, which revolutionized the IT sector by being the only distributor of N-able in Brazil.

Serving more than 700 companies, it offers modern and secure solutions for technology management and optimization, such as: N-able N-sight RMM, Cove Data Protection and N-able EDR.

And Beatz, being the company responsible for the company's Digital Marketing, carried out exclusive work to strengthen ticket sales for the MSP Summit, an event that is now in its 9th edition.


The proposal was as follows: sell event tickets using inbound marketing strategies to attract qualified leads and convert them.

Certainly, the biggest challenges were understanding the target audience, along with the need to understand the public's desires, so as not to waste resources and investments.

It was thinking about all the successful experiences that our team made the following proposal:


Starting in May, the campaign lasted until October, during which time we divided it into two distinct phases. Initially, the objective was to generate registrations to reserve tickets for free. The responsible team invested R$ 17.167,06 to achieve its objective.

The strategy bore notable fruit, with a total of 414 registrations generated. This first step established a solid base of interest around the event, creating a considerable list of leads.

Next, the team shifted focus to ticket sales, segmenting the campaign into three distinct phases, each announcing a batch of tickets. We complemented the strategy with continuous ads that remained throughout all phases of the campaign. This ensured the conservation of interest throughout the period.

The most impressive result was the sale of 77 tickets. This achievement demonstrates how well-planned strategy and effective audience segmentation can lead to concrete results.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that this campaign was not limited to Facebook. The team also launched complementary campaigns on other platforms, such as LinkedIn and YouTube, focused on audience engagement.

Other notable numbers highlight the participation of 624 registrants at the event, which included both ticket buyers and those who registered for free at the beginning of the campaign. This diversification of leads demonstrates the strategy’s ability to attract a broad and engaging audience.

To add more context, the event had 400 in-person tickets available, as well as unlimited online tickets. All in-person tickets were sold, and the sales target was reached approximately two weeks before the event. A previous campaign, called “Esquenta MSP Summit”, complemented the success, as it generated a total of 776 subscribers, including 301 from the Facebook campaign.


Beatz is a Digital Marketing agency that was born from the merger between the consolidated Alquati Comunicação Brasileira and Platz Marketing.

Using the best practices and technologies to bring tangible results, Beatz developed its own methodology, Trust Marketing.

How do we act?

We study each client individually, carrying out strategic planning with benchmarking, pain mapping, persona, brand positioning, content plan and exclusive media plan for each one.

Our service makes the difference. This is because we seek to be part of the routine and develop best practices to achieve the desired results.


This success story highlights the effectiveness of a campaign strategy on Facebook, which started with generating free registrations, evolved into selling tickets and included complementary campaigns on other social media.

The results show that with careful planning, audience segmentation and creativity, we can achieve ambitious sales goals and engage a broad, engaged audience around an event.

This is because digital marketing is concrete proof that technology and strategy can come together effectively to achieve extraordinary results.

With the ability to segment audiences, measure performance in real time, and adapt strategies as needed, digital marketing has consistently demonstrated its ability to achieve goals, engage audiences, and drive business growth.

Whether through social media campaigns, online advertising, SEO or content marketing, digital marketing is a powerful tool that actually works and continues to evolve, offering endless opportunities for businesses of all sizes.



In this way, ADDEE+ managed to complete another cycle with mastery, a packed audience and a remarkable event.

The surprising results demonstrate the power of social networks in generating registrations, sales and public engagement.

400 in-person tickets and unlimited online tickets were sold. The success of the MSP Summit was achieved with a lot of effort from the entire team of professionals present at Beatz and ADDEE.


Beatz and ADDEE have been partners for a few years now, and have established a relationship of trust. In fact, this union is very productive and a synonym of success for both companies.

Our greatest joy is guiding our clients on their digital journey, delivering our best work so that they obtain the best results.

And we hope that over time, more results will be achieved between this union.

Your company can also achieve spectacular results. So it iscontact us and find out how to get them!

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