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Success Case

See how Masotti Investimentos increased its conversions by 120% with the best content production and performance techniques

Masotti Investimentos, a reference in the real estate sector here in Indaiatuba and the region, was surprised to discover that Beatz had the best marketing strategies for its segment. We are sure that you will also be surprised, so we are going to tell you all about the techniques applied to increase the number of leads for our client.

First of all, let's understand a little more about the work carried out by Masotti Investimentos.

This construction company and developer has been operating for over 40 years in the cities of Indaiatuba, Praia Grande, Americana, Itu and Campinas, with a commitment to providing its clients with the best investments. Thus, offering security in negotiations and the best in infrastructure.

Throughout its journey, more than 4 thousand properties were delivered, 19 projects in total and around 350.000 m² of built area.

With this time on the market and the contributions that generated customer satisfaction, Beatz saw in Masotti the power to grow even further through the best marketing strategies for the real estate sector.

Want to see how we did it? Continue following the text, check out the details and see that this can also work for your company!

What were Masotti Investimentos’ expectations?

As we saw, Masotti Investimentos had already built a successful legacy, what we needed to do was externalize this, make this information more accessible to the right audience.

At the beginning of every project, we work with the alignment of expectations. We measure our clients' objectives through market metrics and determine the possibilities given the investment scenario and availability.

With the results we obtained in generating leads for Masotti, we concluded that it was possible to exceed the expectations defined at the beginning of the project.

Expectations aligned, the time has come to exceed them!

Content production, as well as performance strategies, are fundamental in any campaign we carry out. It is through them that we gain more visitors, leads and business opportunities.

But, above all, you need to keep in mind who is the ideal audience for your product/service. Therefore, Beatz's services stand out in several segments.

Because, using unique research methods, we were able to determine which target audience and persona most stand out as a possibility for a successful business.

This makes our campaigns extremely segmented. In this way, increasing conversion rates and gaining more and more leads.

To do this, we need to count on the best team of professionals. In this way, offering the best solutions, with our own practices that have helped us become a reference in generating results for our clients.

With a well-structured internal development methodology, we attribute the best processes, always valuing collaboration between the team, thus having a broad view of the project. This is how we attributed the continuous improvement factor to all our processes.  

person holding purple graphic hologram

120% difference between the beginning of the project and the final result

With all production processes already completed, active campaigns and results being generated, we then began monitoring the results. Thus, identifying points for improvement with enough time to apply changes to the process already underway.

Throughout its active period, the rich material landing page remained stable, converting 50% of diverse page visitors.

However, its highlight is in the month of October, when we converted 66% of page visitors, transforming them into leads and strengthening the relationship until they become business opportunities.

It is important to highlight that this material remained above the real estate market average during its activation period, in the end, achieving an average of 50% conversion from all page visitors.

Calculating the results obtained at the beginning of the project, with the changes made throughout the project, we increased the number of conversions by around 120%, reaching a surprising final value, which exceeded our client’s expectations.

How did Beatz achieve these results for Masotti Investimentos?

With unique work methodologies, we differentiate ourselves by meeting the market demands of all our clients, working with the specificities of each sector. In this way, segmenting the best audience for our campaigns, generating brand recognition, leads and sales.

To achieve this, we work with teams made up of qualified professionals and specialists, working on the following tasks:

  • Humanized, quality service attentive to customer details and needs;
  • Content production based on best market practices, with development of texts for advertising pieces, capture pages, in addition to the development of editorial guidelines for the blog (from planning to production);
  • Designers specialized in generating the best customer experience, with creative, functional pieces that generate the best results;
  • Analysts ready to effectively apply the best tools on the market to automate marketing processes and obtain the best results through performance marketing.

In this way, reaching all the main points of an efficient strategy, providing complete coverage and, best of all, meeting the specific demands of your company. In the same way that we achieve the best conversion results for Masotti Investimento, we can make your company a success story.

Do you think you are ready to make your business stand out in the market through the best digital marketing strategies in the region? The time has come to take the first step towards a future of unlimited possibilities. Talk to our team of experts right now and see that you, too, can become a Beatz success story!

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