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Success Case

Do you know how TGF converted more than 50% of its visitors?

Do you dream of having high visitor and conversion rates on your rich material Landing Pages? Beatz can help you make this dream come true and achieve surprising results.

Want to know how?

TGF, leader in the automotive parts market, through strategies developed by Beatz, managed to achieve above-average numbers and today has become a reference when it comes to converting rich materials into Inbound Marketing strategies.

To prove to you that it is possible to dominate your segment through consolidated strategies in data analysis and expertise, we will show you the results that TGF achieved during our partnership.

So, follow how we managed to achieve and even exceed the company's objectives and discover that you too can be a Beatz Success Story.

More than 50% conversions in just 4 days

Do you think this is impossible? You should know that TGF achieved rates above 50% in the first days of publishing the material created by Beatz.

According to a survey carried out by Resultados Digitais, the average conversion rate of an LP is 19,9%. Furthermore, the study also points out that only 1 in every 10 pages exceeds the 50% conversion mark.

Beatz positioned TGF among the pages with the highest number of conversions in just 4 days. Through personalized strategies, developed by our experts, we deliver above-average results.

TGF Automotive conversion rate information

Throughout the active campaign period, we converted 32% of our visitors

We have already had an active campaign for 7 months and we continue to convert at rates higher than the market average, proving that Beatz Marketing Digital's strategies can deliver the best results for your company.

Do you want to change the results of your business, like TGF Automotive? We will show you how we achieved this number, and how you can also have these rates. Follow along!

Beatz Inbound Marketing

As you saw previously, these numbers are only possible due to personalized strategies that aim to segment the public and meet their needs. To achieve this, our specialist team develops a specific content plan for the demands of the customers you intend to reach.

How did Beatz get more leads for TGF?

Do you want to better understand the methods used to achieve such impressive numbers? Keep following the text and see all the details!

Public understanding

Identifying the audience is an essential step to achieving such high conversion rates. After all, to ensure that visitors become leads, you need to talk to the right people.

To achieve this result, we developed exclusive techniques for defining a persona and segmenting the TGF audience. This way, ensuring that those who accessed the LP page had a connection and interest in the brand.

Incredible content

It's not enough to know who to talk to. You need to know what to say to your visitors. Therefore, we developed a complete content plan for TGF, which involves the production of blog articles, posts for social networks and emails, among many other formats.

With this, we established a market education scenario, ensuring that visitors arrived at the service page ready to become leads.

In this way, our development team carried out studies on the main topics and sought to answer the persona’s main questions. In order to make TGF content valuable to its audience.

The best campaigns

Paid media was also used efficiently. Through market research, we were able to define the best communication channels with TGF customers and, thus, reach them effectively.

With the creation of Landing Pages that convert, and segmented ads developed using the best techniques on the market.

Do you think your company is ready to have these numbers too? Well, know that we are sure that this is possible.

Talk to one of our experts right now and be our next success story!

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