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Success Case

See how an industry increased its conversions by more than 80% in just one month

Imagine increasing the conversion rate of produced materials, increasing your company's opportunities, and qualifying the level of leads that reach your commercial sector?

This is what happened with Lavor, a world leader in the production of cleaning machines, which invested in the strategies implemented by Beatz Digital to achieve prosperous and consistent objectives.

Do you want to know the result of this?

From now on, follow the details of this successful case and find out which methods were applied to help the company, which is a reference in the manufacture of residential and professional cleaning equipment, such as: high pressure washers, dust and water vacuum cleaners, extractors , floor washers and dryers and much more!

Conversion rate 22% higher than usual

Without a doubt, one of the points that draws the most attention in the results of the partnership between Beatz Digital and Lavor is the high conversion rate that the company's rich materials are achieving.

According to research from the digital marketing sector, the ideal average conversion rate for landing pages is 5,31%

However, our client beat this number and achieved 27,81% conversion in one of the campaigns carried out by our team.

In other words, this represents that almost 30% of the audience we reached entered Lavor's lead base, through our projects.

Furthermore, if we analyze the months of March and April 2022, the numbers rose from 252 to 1342, resulting in an increase of 81,22% in conversions in just one month.

High email opening rate

To achieve this result, some strategies were implemented, as you will see throughout this case.

However, we can tell you that the emails produced by our agency achieved above average rates, as you can see in the table below, which compares the material developed for Lavor with the numbers considered good for sending email marketing. 

So, after analyzing the numbers, it is clear to understand that our materials exceeded the expectations set by the market and had higher email opening and click rates than the targets achieved by other companies.   

Visitors and opportunities growing every month

Beatz Digital's Inbound Marketing project includes organic methods and paid campaigns, which helped our client increase the number of visits to their website.

All of this generated significant growth in the number, which continues to grow.

In one month, for example, if we consider April and May, visitors jumped from 4825 to 5625, representing an increase of 14,22%.

It does not stop there! If we talk about opportunities, the rates have also increased considerably.

In 30 days, the company increased its new business opportunities by 15,13%.

How did we arrive at these results?

If you've read this far, you understand that Lavor's achievements came from a series of strategies.

But, after all, what was done for the company to reach the numbers we have already listed in this case?

To achieve the results you saw, we rely on methods such as Inbound Marketing. See some of our actions for Lavor:

Trust Marketing Planning

In fact, the results did not come out of nowhere. Everything that was achieved by the company was previously thought out by our specialists, who began to develop the work, through personalized planning, which involved content and performance strategies.

And what was involved in this planning? This is what you will see from now on:


Through Ideal Customer definition techniques and persona creation, we identified who was the ideal audience for the customer. Thus, we were able to study the market, its profile and produce materials that spoke directly to the decision-maker and purchasing influencer.

To do this, we developed blog articles, rich materials, email flows and advertisements specific to the customers our partner wanted to reach.

Content that adds value

Digital marketing in the industry has become increasingly important. After all, decision makers from large companies are increasingly present on the internet.

So, to make Lavor a reference in content in the market in which it operates, we produced more than 50 blog articles, as well as e-books, guides, social media posts and emails, which, as we mentioned previously, were written with in the personas worked on in each project.

All of our texts also paid close attention to the stages of the persona's journey, going through learning and discovery, recognizing the problem, considering solutions, purchasing decisions, until reaching the recommendations and repurchases phase.

Powerful campaigns

In addition to the organic content produced by our team, we also develop paid campaigns, delivering the right information to the pre-defined audience.

Our strategies included: creating Landing Pages, and different ad formats on Google and social networks that most impact Lavor's persona.

Now that you've come this far, how about making your company our next success story?

Contact our team and get all your questions answered today!

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