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Success Case

See how Strati maintained conversion rates above 60% on its Landing Pages

If you are looking for higher conversion rates in your LPs, there is no other way: you need to invest in content and performance strategies. By the way, do you know how Strati, the market leader in the field of Full Service IT service providers, achieved 60% conversion in its materials?

Beatz, through studies and application of specific strategies, was able to increase the conversion of the company's rich material. This is because our team understood the demands of Strati and its visitors and leads.

But that's not enough to convince you, and we know that. Therefore, today, we will tell you how it is possible to achieve numbers like these for your business, and all the steps that took Strati to another level in digital marketing.

Conversion rates over 62,5% higher than our goal

Against facts there are no arguments. That's why, when we showed Strati's conversion data, within a week of Landing Page activation, we surprised our client.

In 7 days, we achieved 65% conversions. When we talk about conversion rates for LPs with rich material, we need to remember that the ideal is 19% and, from 40% onwards, we consider rates to be very good. However, Beatz went further, maintaining rates above 60% throughout the material's activation period.

In its first active month, the White Paper created by the Beatz content development team remained stable, reaching 66% conversion. When compared to the first week of the campaign, we noticed a 184% increase in lead capture in just 3 weeks.

This material continued to produce good results, even in the midst of other campaigns. Delivering, in 6 months, more than 160 qualified leads, with 66% of visitors gained through effective performance strategies.

Delivering results even after the campaign

The results, in fact, were lasting. Now, in a completely new cycle, we can see that the White Paper continues to deliver good leads to Strati.

In the last month, for example, the content strategy continued to demonstrate its strength and converted 63% of page visitors.

Want to know how Beatz achieved these numbers for Strati? Continue following the text and check out the details of this successful strategy!

on-screen graph showing superior conversion rates

How do we achieve superior conversion rates for Strati?

First of all, if you're wondering: could this work for my company? We can say, with certainty, yes.

After all, everything was done through personalized planning, which sought to meet the demands of Strati and its customers.


By defining an ideal persona, we were able to develop quality materials, in a language that met the public's needs and generated curiosity. Above all, delivering quality content that added value to the public.


Paid advertising strategies were also essential to the success of the campaign. Through target audience segmentation, we reach the right people to deliver effective results and qualified leads for Strati.


Today, regardless of your segment, we cannot stop innovating. Therefore, we had to deviate from the usual and deliver, instead of the conventional e-book, a White Paper, with more technical and dense content, adapting to our persona who was already further along the sales funnel.

In this way, gaining their attention and demonstrating Strati’s knowledge. Thus, reinforcing the brand's positioning in the IT market, while delivering quality information to the target audience.

Inbound Marketing Beatz

Through unique techniques on the market and a team of experts able to deliver the best content and strategies, Beatz is ready to achieve superior conversion rates for your company.

Do you think your business is prepared for so many leads? Talk to one of our consultants now and start increasing your sales right now!

To answer your questions about Cybersecurity for Companies, we invited André Bernardo and Denny Roger, from Strati, cybersecurity experts, to chat on the Beatz Podcast.

Follow this super interesting conversation and improve your knowledge on the topic!

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