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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1) Legal Aspects

All content on this website is the exclusive property of the company Beatz (www.beatz.com.br) and its partners and collaborators. The contents may be reproduced after written authorization from the Beatz website (contato@beatz.com.br).

All information, applications and other content belonging to the Beatz company are for informational purposes only, with the user being solely responsible for everything they want to see on the website and also for their actions.

2) Warranties and Limitations of Liability

The Beatz website does not guarantee the validity, legality, integrity, veracity, authenticity and accuracy of the content generated by our partners and collaborators.

Beatz cannot be held responsible for damages or losses of any value or nature that third parties or any customers may suffer due to:

(I) lack of validity, legality, integrity, veracity, authenticity or accuracy of data, technical materials and other contents of this website;

(II) unauthorized access to this website, or interception by unauthorized third parties of any data, technical material or other type of content available within the website;

(III) misuse of this website or its systems and applications;

(IV) possible interruption, impossibility, difficulty or failure in the use or access of this website, its services, products, contents, applications or systems, resulting from unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, or the action or omission of third parties responsible for hosting, access, support, maintenance and development of this website and all its contents, systems and applications.

3) User Duties

By registering and/or using the website, the user is agreeing to:

(I) comply with the website’s usage rules;

(II) provide true, accurate, recent information about yourself in the registration and contact form on the website, as well as when editing your profile;

(III) preserve and promptly update registration data to keep it complete, current, accurate and true;

(IV) keep your personal password confidential, exempting the Beatz website from any responsibility in relation to your registration information.

If any data provided by the user is untrue, not correct, out of date or incomplete, or if Beatz has sufficient reason to suspect that such data is untrue, incorrect, out of date or incomplete, Beatz shall have the right to immediately prevent or cancel, regardless of any notification, the user's account and deny any and all use, present or future, of the Service, or part thereof.

4) Conduct of the User

The user agrees and acknowledges that any type of material will be the sole responsibility of its author, who is responsible for the content.

By using the website, the user agrees and acknowledges that they may be exposed to offensive, immoral, outdated, incorrect, inaccurate and/or inaccurate content. In no way will Beatz be responsible for any type of content, including those that cause damage and/or loss caused by the use of any type of content that is transmitted, sent, displayed or in any other way made available through the website.

The user is not authorized to use the Beatz website to:

(I) offer any type of content that is illegal, invades the privacy of third parties, and/or is prejudiced;

(II) attribute the “personality” of another person, legal or natural;

(III) make available any type of unsolicited or unauthorized promotional material or advertising, such as: unsolicited messages, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other type of solicitation;

(IV) fail to comply, whether intentionally or unintentionally, with any type of municipal, state, federal or international legal standard that is integrated into the Brazilian system;

(V) disrupt the use and enjoyment of the website's services, carrying out any type of abuse, fraud or flooding (exaggerated messages).

5) Use of Links

Beatz does not guarantee, approve, control or verify the accuracy or suitability of linked content. Beatz is not responsible for damages, losses or losses caused by any omissions, errors, defects or delays that may exist in the services, systems, information or other content provided through links included on this website.

6) Termination

The user agrees that Beatz may make it impossible for him to access the website through his IP address, cancel his account and/or use of this service and edit or remove any type of content posted on the website in case of non-compliance with the Terms of Use the same. The user agrees that the termination of their access to the website and its services may occur without prior notification and agrees and acknowledges that Beatz may delete or deactivate their account and all information belonging to this account and block access to such information and services.

7) Update of Terms of Use

The Beatz website Terms of Use may be modified or updated at any time without any prior notice. The user can check the most up-to-date version of the Terms of Use by accessing this page:


To report any infringement by other user(s) in relation to the website's terms of use and/or to clarify any queries, send your message using the form on our website or contact us via this email: contato@beatz.com.br

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