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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The company ALQUATI COMUNICAÇÃO BRASILEIRA LTDA ME (www.beatz.com.br), CNPJ 09.336.922/0001-49, has customer satisfaction as one of its pillars. One of the fundamental parts of achieving this goal is respecting the security and privacy of the information held by our customers and employees. Therefore, the privacy of our customers and employees is of utmost importance.

Collection and use of information

The Beatz website (www.beatz.com.br) reserves the right to collect user data through various forms such as: participation, polls, surveys, challenges, among others, through the subject's navigation on the website. The information obtained through this means will be used to improve the service offered to our consumers.

We use third-party search engines during your visit to our website. These companies may use data about your visits to our and other websites.

Registration for newsletter

To obtain newsletters from this website, the subject must provide his or her email address.

The function of periodically sending newsletters and information via electronic mail is carried out with the declared awareness of users. They may, at any time, immediately cancel their subscription to our website.

Special offers

New customers will receive a welcome email. Former customers will receive news about promotions, products, services and newsletters.

Updating customer information

Both Beatz and our client are responsible for updating information. The user needs to keep their data updated frequently.


A cookie is a piece of data stored on the hard drive that contains information about the user. This data obtained by cookies can only be seen or understood by Beatz.

Any user can adjust their computer to not receive cookies. Even if a user refuses the cookie, they can still use our website. The only disadvantage of this choice is that these cookies help us track and define the interests of our users, so we can further improve our website and, consequently, our services.

User Tracking and Display Advertising Privacy Policy

Beatz has implemented and makes use of display advertising and Google Analytics

We use Remarketing to deliver advertisements to people who visited the website. All users can opt out of Google Analytics at any time to opt out of display advertising and also change Google Display ads using Google's own Ads Preferences Manager. This manager offers settings that help you control the types of ads shown.

We use remarketing together with Google Analytics for online advertising purposes.

Third-party vendors, including Google, display their ads on websites across the Internet.

The Beatz website and third-party vendors, including Google, use first-party cookies and third-party cookies together to link, optimize and inform ads based on someone's previous visits to your website.

Website users will be able to add the Add-on to their browser to disable Google Analytics. The Google Add-on interacts directly with Google Analytics' own JavaScript (ga.js) to show that data about visits to our website should not be forwarded to Google Analytics. Your Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on does not prevent data from being sent to the website itself or even to other web analysis tools.


The data provided by our visitors will be used internally by our team with the aim of improving all services and content provided, as well as further improving our business model. Under no circumstances will this private data be disclosed or sold to third parties. However, the company may be obliged to pass on personal data if requested by the government or regulatory bodies, for legal or regulatory reasons or to comply with a court order.

Furthermore, we may share aggregated visitor data with our advertisers and partners only as a statistical and generic form, with the purpose of measuring the level of interest in searching for services and content linked to the website. This generic data may be transmitted to the website, transferred to advertisers and/or mentioned in releases. This information is not linked to any particular data that could specifically recognize any person.

We work with partners where services or products are shared and we also exchange various information, which may even refer to the profiles of website visitors. These businesses do not store, monitor, share or use this privately identifiable data for any secondary purpose.

We also have partnerships with third parties, with the purpose of providing specific services. If the visitor contracts these services, we will provide the contact data necessary for this third party to provide its services. Third parties are not permitted to use this personal data except for the purpose of providing these services.

Chat rooms, forums and comments

Although Beatz has permission to monitor comments, forums and chat rooms, it will not always be possible to do so. Also remember that if you share any personal data, it may be used by other people.

Use of contributor content

Beatz is also a virtual place with the purpose of allowing the free exchange of ideas and opinions between visitors. Because of this, the comments and opinions published do not symbolize our opinion.

Furthermore, Beatz is not responsible for the opinions of our moderators, interviewees and contributors. Beatz is also not responsible for any type of offense caused by our content, for any damage or loss caused by our services.

Participating on the Beatz website grants us the rights and permission to pass on and/or sell any material provided by users. We have the right to delete, add or change any part of this content, in any way that seems right and for an undefined period of time. Therefore, we reserve the right to use any material offered by users for the purpose of including them in one of our services or sections.


On this website, links to other external websites are made available as a way of providing a service, completing some information, or with the aim of publicizing a specific subject. Beatz, however, has no responsibility for the privacy policies of other websites. Visitors are advised to be careful when leaving our website, and to read the privacy policies of all other websites that request personally identifiable information. This privacy policy applies only to data collected by Beatz.

Refer a friend

If a user uses our service as a reference to inform a colleague or friend about any area and/or article on our website, we will ask for that colleague or friend's email address. Beatz will send a message to invite that person to learn about the material and/or area. Beatz may store this data and may send other messages if it believes that the Internet user will benefit.


The website takes all possible care to protect users' personal data, in addition to the website's content.

All data about our customers, not just confidential information, is restricted to the company location. Only employees who need the data to carry out a specific task will have access.

Even so, no type of computer or data system can be entirely protected against risks. Therefore, we cannot certify the complete security of the information transmitted by you. If you choose to do so, it will be under your own responsibility.

If this occurs, or you have any questions about security on our website, please send a message to beatz@beatz.com.br.

Choose / Opt-out (“do not authorize”)

Visitors can opt out of receiving any messages. Our registration has a mechanism (opt-out or “not authorizing”) that gives the option to people who use our services, but do not want to receive any type of email. This way, your email addresses will be left off the list.

The deadline for removing your email from Beatz's recipient list is 2 (two) business days, as soon as requested via the unsubscribe link and 5 (five) business days if requested through other means, such as , for example, through the contact form or email beatz@beatz.com.br, these deadlines will be counted from the date the request is confirmed.

Notice of changes

If there are news or changes to the website that involve the privacy policy, it will be updated. This document will always be available via a link at the bottom of our homepage. Therefore, users need to be frequently updated about what information we collect, how it is used and under what circumstances, if any, it will be disclosed. Data will be used in accordance with the most up-to-date document.

Attention: when using any service on the website, the person automatically accepts the terms mentioned above, and they may change in the future. This document may also undergo occasional changes without prior notice to users.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the privacy policy adopted by our company, please send an email to: beatz@beatz.com.br ALQUATI COMUNICAÇÃO BRASILEIRA LTDA ME – CNPJ 09.336.922/0001-49

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