What is Offline Marketing? As many already know, or imagine, it is marketing that covers all non-digital means of dissemination, such as: – Cold calls; - Television; - Radio; - Newspaper; – Outdoor; - Magazine.

Credibility They have been using common communication channels for a long time. This makes them convey more credibility to their actions. Especially in the era of “fake news”, which circulates digitally.

The benefits of investing in Offline Marketing

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greater reach Although the internet is present in almost every corner of the world and transmits information at a unique speed, traditional media still offers a very large audience reach. This is because, in Brazil, there are still people who do not have access to the internet, or who actually prefer traditional means.

More intimate relationship with the customer Digital channels are known for their ability to provide unity and relationships between brands and people, in a very efficient way. Still, even in Offline Marketing it is possible to be close to your audience, have direct contact with them and understand the pain that affects them.

To create an effective offline campaign, you need to follow some steps, such as:

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Define the campaign objective: Every planning needs an objective, be it marketing, financial or campaign. After all, having a well-defined objective will help a lot in your efforts, team building and project execution, as well as making it easier to check the ROI (return on investment).

Know your persona: Knowing the persona is always essential for any action, whether online or offline. Therefore, this will define very important points, such as: the look of the campaign, the means to be used and the tone of voice.

Channel choice: This stage is when we take into account where the persona is, what their habits are, what they consume, to be able to choose the best vehicle for the campaign.

Channel choice:

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Analysis and measurement of results: Measuring results is a constant in many marketing actions. After all, it is from them that we know whether we have achieved the campaign's objectives and also acquire valuable data that we can use in future campaigns.

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